So why Seventhsister?

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Welcome to your brand new cultural guide to the best of Tottenham, Green Lanes and beyond. Publication founder Andre Ainsworth explains what to expect

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Photo by Charles Gervais
Photo by Charles Gervais
I’m proud to say I’ve been living in Tottenham for 13 years now. Before moving here, we knew nothing about it, except a few scare stories and odd looks from friends when we announced we’d bought a place next door to the well known Broadwater Farm Estate.

But instead of those bleak visions of urban decay, we found an amazing community here, full of people that truly care about their area. It really doesn’t take much to make friends either, you just need to talk to people (not a skill that comes easy to most Londoners, I know, but it works around these parts).

Photo by Andre Ainsworth
Photo by Andre Ainsworth

We immediately fell in love with the shops, brimming with all kinds of exciting herbs, spices and utterly random produce, plus the underrated travel connections; most friends can’t believe it when we tell them we’re only 17 mins from Oxford Street.

Photo by Andre Ainsworth

Yet throughout our time here, there’s still been a frustratingly regular amount of unfairly bad press about our corner of London. So, with the neighbourhood now changing faster than ever, I thought it was about time someone rectified those outdated, clichéd, negative headlines and started a publication to cover all the good stuff.

A few months back, I put the feelers out to see who’d like to help, and have been astounded by the response and the amount of effort this community has been prepared to put in ever since to get Seventhsister (yes, all one word) off the ground.

Photo by Andre Ainsworth

We are a group of like minded locals, some of whom are born-and-bred here, others who’ve joined the ranks more recently, but everyone sharing a passion for writing about or photographing all the brilliant things going on in and around Tottenham.

As part of the London Belongs to Me network (whose titles, wordsmiths, all end in -er), we join the UK’s leading community of hyperlocal cultural online guides and free print editions. Find out more about their success story covering the more unheralded parts of the capital here.

Photo by Andre Ainsworth
Bom Pecado. Photo: Andre Ainsworth

And as with the other titles in the family, Seventhsister aims to quickly become a good-news-focused ‘travel guide for locals’, offering tips on discovering the best bits of N15, N17  and beyond, whether it be where to eat the area’s – if not London’s – best Pastel de Nata (which by the way is at Bom Pecado on West Green Rd, pictured above) or where you can meet up with the Tottenham Cloud Appreciation Society.

It’s a truly exciting time to live in this part of London, and we look forward to shouting about it.

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For more about Seventhsister, read our About page.

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  • John

    It’s Bom Pecado – with an m not an n!

    • Andre Ainsworth

      Thanks for spotting hat John. ;o)

  • Rooney

    You say “urban decay” like it’s a bad thing.

  • paul


    Interesting web site. On things to do or eat/drink I would add the amazing Seven Sister market. It is hidden behind the shops and cafe by Seven Sister tube exit/entrance on the High Road.

    It would nice to see some planning links as there are so many changes going on that people might want to get involved with. like Wards Corner, Apex House and Lawrence Road.



  • Gabby

    Hi Andre,
    I love the idea of this – and as a local resident living right by the Rec I am passionate about all things local. However – as I’ve noticed with the Hub and other local initiatives – it often seems these things are driven by a similar, often less diverse, demographic, than is reflective of the area.
    Have you thought about ways to get a diverse representation behind your newsletter to truly reflect the real Seven Sisters?
    (As part of a mixed race family this is something I’m also passionate about!).

  • Damian

    Great idea,

    Well done, I’ve lived here for over 10 years now and seen huge changes most for the better but sadly with ‘gentrufication’ comes inevitable loss….

    Look forward to seeing what you have in store