Sneak peek: Bruce Burgers

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Food blogger Annem Hobson and Seventhsister’s André Ainsworth go Americana at Bruce Grove’s new burger joint.

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Bruce Burgers. Image by André Ainsworth
There are few things in life as satisfying as biting into a juicy burger.

The ultimate comfort food, they hold a special place in my heart, which is why I was thrilled to hear about brand new restaurant, Bruce Burgers.

This new Bruce Grove burger joint feels like a piece of Dalston or Shoreditch transported into Tottenham. Walking inside for the first time, I found myself saying “wow” on several occasions as Imran, the owner, gave us a tour of the new space.

Bruce Burgers has been in development for many months, with curious locals popping their heads round, hopefully asking when they will open.

It has taken a long time to complete but I finally understand why. The level of detail and care which has gone into the décor is impressive. The team have worked hard to create a restaurant that has a clear sense of personality.


Bruce Burgers interior. Image by André Ainsworth

Imran says he got his inspiration from the Incredible Hulk. “We wanted clear branding and a theme. When people are HANGRY they can turn into a bit of a Hulk. When they come here, they can return to being Bruce – the Hulk’s human alter ego.”

Once settled down, we scanned the menu with our mouths watering and couldn’t resist ordering the ‘Triple’ burger. And the chicken burger, chicken wings, curly fries and sweet potato fries…It all looked so good. You cannot come here and have a small lunch.

In the back at Bruce Burgers. Image by André Ainsworth.

Whilst our food was being cooked we kicked off with two ‘Mini Milk’ shakes. One with banana and the other with strawberry,  blended with fresh fruit, ice cream and milk.

I tried the strawberry one, and the moment it hit my mouth, I decided I would be back. The milkshake envelopes your taste buds in pure creaminess, the fresh fruit cutting through with a sharp tang. They don’t use strawberry flavouring – this is the real deal.

Strawberry and banana milkshakes. Image by André Ainsworth

With our stomachs suitably lined for the main event, Andrea, the head chef, came over to tell us more about the food.

She clearly loves experimenting with flavours. Their beef burgers come in two versions, one seasoned with herbs, salt and pepper and the other with a scotch bonnet herb mix unique to them. This doesn’t have a fiery heat, but rather a delicate kick as you bite through the meat.

Next come the chicken wings, another house speciality. The sticky, smoky sauce for the wings is homemade – as is their signature coleslaw – and Tottenham is all the better for it.

Food blogger Annem Hobson and the Triple Burger. Image by André Ainsworth.

The Triple burger is nearly as big as my whole face, but I get stuck in straight away.

The burger has a delicious flavour – customers can expect to have their meat cooked to order, just as they like it.

The chicken burger went down perfectly, as I tucked into some of the curliest, curly fries I have ever seen.

Their lovely sticky chicken wings. Image by André Ainsworth.

To finish off our meal, we put in an order for a Monster Cake Shake. At this point I was slightly regretting my choice of tight trousers that morning. May I suggest you wear jeggings if planning a visit to Bruce Burgers?

The shake is made with lashings of Nutella, ice cream and a Nutella Muffin, which crumbles into the drink as you suck through the straw.

The monster cake shake. Image by André Ainsworth.

Chunks of cake hit your taste buds combined with the velvety texture from the thick milkshake. I was in heaven, albeit for only three minutes as it did not last long between the pair of us.

Bruce Burgers have plans to have a special’s menu rotating every week and we share Andrea’s excitement as she tells us about launching her dessert bar with waffles on a stick with warm chocolate dips and marshmallow.

It’s your local fix when you’re craving Americana.

Words: Annem Hobson, from So Wrong It’s Nom.

Images: André Ainsworth

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Bruce Burgers

93 Bruce Grove, N17 6UZ

Tel. 0208 885 3030

You can also follow them on Instagram: @Bruceburgers.


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